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The Fall of Erinworld

The Fall of Erinworld is the first epic Fantasy novel in The Eyes of Goliath series written by British author A.U.RAI. Erik Johalson flees from Erinworld, a once peaceful kingdom, and journeys through the wider regions of Earthworld to fight against the prevailing darkness. With great bravery, he faces his own inner struggles and ventures through various regions to win them back from the Dark Lord Zarq in hopes of reuniting with his best friend Luana, the Princess of Erinworld. In his travels through Erinworld Forest, he is helped by the wizard Sherlock who teaches Erik how to harness his hidden powers and discovers that Erik is the chosen one for the sword with the Amber Eye. At the Gathering Green, they meet Radanhall the Wizard of the Seven Worlds and forming a mutual bond, they plan for the final battle for all of Earthworld.

ISBN: 978-1-7399683-0-4  BOOK 1

Aragaan's Hidden Myth

Aragaan’s Hidden Myth is the second legendary Fantasy novel in The Eyes of Goliath series written by British author A.U.RAI which follows the first novel, The Fall of Erinworld. This installment follows Luana, the Princess of Erinworld, from her imprisonment in the cellar of Armistan Castle to the events leading up to the battle of Blackthorn. Luana finds herself in a deep despair after the loss of her parents and Erik in the attack on Erinworld. During this time, she befriends two unusual women—one is a bond of necessity, and the other a soulmate. Once she escapes from captivity with a handful of others, they venture through the kingdoms in search of safety and news of her loved ones. Over time, her destiny is revealed—she must find the Eyes of Goliath to turn the tide of the war. She also receives a gift, the Dragon Necklace, from the witch, Esmeralde. Their adventures reveal many mysteries hidden in the depths of the oceans and at the summit of Mount Khailesh, as Luana and her friends encounter a blue spirit, an ancient dragon, and face harsh battles against the creatures of the Seven Worlds. 

ISBN: 978-1-7399683-2-8  BOOK 2