About The Author

A.U.Rai is a writer and editor, living in London, qualified in natural therapies, is widely travelled with an interest in ancient mythology and has created  The Eyes of Goliath Series: The Fall of Erinworld, Aragaan’s Hidden Myth, Goliath Returns, The Red Stone of Sora.  The Eyes of Goliath Series’ first novel was published in 2022.

About The Eyes of Goliath series

I had a vision, of an ancient, mythical place, vast it’s lands, with a hidden deeper mystery, and gradually, it reveals itself through the characters in the novel.  It’s an enthralling fantasy, one that passionately enchants us with its thrills, its intrigue, its spontaneous humour and fantasy adventure-and its mystery opens in The Seven Worlds.

It was vivid in my mind, that Erik would become the man he needed to be, and with Luana by his side, the magnificence of a great kingdom could form, and together they would fight their inner demons and outer enemies, and conquer what was their right, The Kingdom of Erinworld, now fallen before their eyes.  Their destiny awaits them, in all forms, and to reach the end is not easy, they fight with struggle, emotions and bravery.

The Seven Worlds, its reign, far from reach, and yet could it be in grasp of their destiny? Is their hope and bravery in vain, or does it serve a greater purpose?  Thus, a great epic series is written, called The Eyes of GoliathA.U.Rai

The Dragon Necklace Found by Zakari

The Seven Worlds Map Great Sage Andreaz

The Eyes of Goliath Volume 1

The Eyes of Goliath Volume 2